Saturday, November 20, 2010

International Film Festival of India, Goa

wedding on the beach

Movies are a favorite topic of discussion and pastime . friday lunches are for discussing the weekend releases and monday lunches are usually reviewing what one liked so much about the movie or actually elaborately discussing what one hated, so the discussion is inevitable. and thats about it, over time i have developed a diet for all sorts of movies, i dont shy away from any genre. so once you reach that kinda appetite, you divulge into art house/ meaningful/ avant garde/ auteur/ cult cinema or whatever you want to name them types, once in a while is fine.

since i was speaking of goa, plans to be an audience at the india international film festival at goa is a long pending trip of mine, due to lack of proper marketing and coverage, one tends to miss the dates of the event, also its not something
everyone looks forward to. also it is more of a political event run by the government, nevertheless it should be an experience being in such a setting. so this year i was keenly following their lacklustre website untill couple of weeks. It had no proper information whatsoever for this year's event, but now they seem to have revamped it entirely, so do check it out. It looks miles away from the previous one. the festival opens 23rd and runs untill 2nd decemberi was keen on planning it this time but in vain.

so untill next year, for anyone who is at the festival, hope you'll had a nice time. It happens at the INOX multiplex in panaji and i heard they have public screenings on the beach as well.
One other reason to make a trip

pic in post: its the picture of a wedding that happened on the beach at agonda. hoping the beach screenings have a similar effect, if at all there are some this year.

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