Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Palolem: New Year

Neptune Point

little did i know, writing about palolem would land there this year, but yes this new year's eve was relectantly at palolem.
you should get there to experience it, one big packed beach party under the stars.
bonfires, fireworks, beach sand, wicker chairs, food abuntant, music everywhere, high spirits

made it to the neptune point as well. scenic location. but no headphones for the new year party, it was full on blasting speakers. typical goan club scene, people pouring would be an understatement.

didnt take much pictures, just this one from a friend's phone.

as cliche as it might sound, definetly goa is the place to be on new year's eve.
wishing and hoping a eventful year filled with good times

pic: at neptune point, palolem

logisitics: accommodation is very expensive on the beachfront, ranges from 2500-7000 for a shack on new year's eve. very basic. you need to walk from one shack to another asking for one. the parties go on untill sunrise.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

International Film Festival of India, Goa

wedding on the beach

Movies are a favorite topic of discussion and pastime . friday lunches are for discussing the weekend releases and monday lunches are usually reviewing what one liked so much about the movie or actually elaborately discussing what one hated, so the discussion is inevitable. and thats about it, over time i have developed a diet for all sorts of movies, i dont shy away from any genre. so once you reach that kinda appetite, you divulge into art house/ meaningful/ avant garde/ auteur/ cult cinema or whatever you want to name them types, once in a while is fine.

since i was speaking of goa, plans to be an audience at the india international film festival at goa is a long pending trip of mine, due to lack of proper marketing and coverage, one tends to miss the dates of the event, also its not something
everyone looks forward to. also it is more of a political event run by the government, nevertheless it should be an experience being in such a setting. so this year i was keenly following their lacklustre website untill couple of weeks. It had no proper information whatsoever for this year's event, but now they seem to have revamped it entirely, so do check it out. It looks miles away from the previous one. the festival opens 23rd and runs untill 2nd decemberi was keen on planning it this time but in vain.

so untill next year, for anyone who is at the festival, hope you'll had a nice time. It happens at the INOX multiplex in panaji and i heard they have public screenings on the beach as well.
One other reason to make a trip

pic in post: its the picture of a wedding that happened on the beach at agonda. hoping the beach screenings have a similar effect, if at all there are some this year.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

High Season in Palolem

The Fury

As much as palolem looks inviting in monsoons, all its true colors come calling post october - the high season.
its been the singlemost popular and good looking beach south of the state. lots of shacks and restaurants sprout
along the entire crescent shaped beach. the waters are perfect. the sunsets visible. the quintessential high season experience.

As usual weekend evenings attract hordes of people. nevertheless a sight in itself. but afternoons should be much
more to yourself. my favourite though in this part of goa is agonda a more laidback beach.

came across this silent headphone party that happen somewhere closeby on saturdays, havent checked it out.
anyone interested can drop by.

Pics from Trip date: Dec 2006

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Monsoon at Palolem, Goa

The Fury
The Fury

THe Storm
The Storm

The calm

The calm

rains are indeed magical, it changes the landscape in india, it washes all the filth and leaves behind washed colors
of nature, its a good time to venture in the monsoons, the ordeals might seem more, but nevertheless its an adventure
worth venturing, mainly because the crowd is thin and again its washed and clean and the
grey wet weather that wouldnt tire you out.

by the sea is the place i reckon to be, the fury of the sea makes one humbled. and to watch the rain approaching
the land is exhilarating edge of the seat experience.

Digging these photos from the trip to Palolem during the monsoon month of July. the entire beach stretch was
with accomdation only in concrete structures, we stayed here on the beach all three days. the sporadic showers
in a way grounded us here and I only could be thankfull.

With continuous rains outside today, sort of remembered this trip.

Information: Though the beach might look deserted, You will get accomadation if you walk along, dont expect to swim
or boat, catch up on sleep and books.

Trip date: July 2007

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Highway along Maravanthe
Maravanthe is the name of the beach on the west coast of Karnataka a little away from udupi along the village of Trasi.

Stay at the turtle bay resort, we were in the cabana accomadation which can fit just two, but then just a roof for the night, else you can aimlessly wander along the beach shore, or stay lying on the beach gazing the stars (until the watchman closed gates at 11.30 pm). You can still stay around inside the resort premises which has a concrete see through fence watching the sea. They have other rooms as well, which is worth the price for the location of the property.

Take a long early evening walk along the beach from the resort up north which will take you to the highway with backwaters on one side and the sea on the other ..a sight indeed.., quite a number of tea shops dot the road which is usually the pitstop of the lorrymen from across the country to an occasional swanky car owner. sit on the rocks and enjoy you cuppa chai( cup of tea) and biscuits and watch the sun go down. walk back to the resort (carry a torch of course)

(above) Collage of pics taken while on the long walk

(above) along the highway.

Sea seen through the bus
info you might need

for the backpacker: direct buses from Bangalore leave to Kundapur (KSRTC, Private as well), from kundapur get another bus to Trasi - enquire with the conductor before you board, usually most of the buses ply empty in this route (note: we were travelling on a weekend off peak) so they oblige to stop. another auto ride from Trasi will take you to the gates of turtle bay resort Call and book in advance.

(pic above) a near empty bus between kundapur and trasi

But the problem would be getting back, as there are no autos near the resort, you need to either walk back in the hot sun or enquire at the reception for a auto or drop.

food at the resort is average, so stick to general fare, the cook keeps changing so at your luck

articles worth a read to get a feel of the place

article in outlook traveller

the resort is called turtle bay because , yes turtles tend to flock the beach to lay their eggs, and this article in DNA on the maravanthe turtles prompted me to post this destination in the first place, so read through

(above) Watch the sea through the abundant casuarina trees that dot the property

Trip date: March 2010