Sunday, November 07, 2010

Monsoon at Palolem, Goa

The Fury
The Fury

THe Storm
The Storm

The calm

The calm

rains are indeed magical, it changes the landscape in india, it washes all the filth and leaves behind washed colors
of nature, its a good time to venture in the monsoons, the ordeals might seem more, but nevertheless its an adventure
worth venturing, mainly because the crowd is thin and again its washed and clean and the
grey wet weather that wouldnt tire you out.

by the sea is the place i reckon to be, the fury of the sea makes one humbled. and to watch the rain approaching
the land is exhilarating edge of the seat experience.

Digging these photos from the trip to Palolem during the monsoon month of July. the entire beach stretch was
with accomdation only in concrete structures, we stayed here on the beach all three days. the sporadic showers
in a way grounded us here and I only could be thankfull.

With continuous rains outside today, sort of remembered this trip.

Information: Though the beach might look deserted, You will get accomadation if you walk along, dont expect to swim
or boat, catch up on sleep and books.

Trip date: July 2007

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