Tuesday, November 16, 2010

High Season in Palolem

The Fury

As much as palolem looks inviting in monsoons, all its true colors come calling post october - the high season.
its been the singlemost popular and good looking beach south of the state. lots of shacks and restaurants sprout
along the entire crescent shaped beach. the waters are perfect. the sunsets visible. the quintessential high season experience.

As usual weekend evenings attract hordes of people. nevertheless a sight in itself. but afternoons should be much
more to yourself. my favourite though in this part of goa is agonda a more laidback beach.

came across this silent headphone party that happen somewhere closeby on saturdays, havent checked it out.
anyone interested can drop by.

Pics from Trip date: Dec 2006

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Chandra said...

2006! just 4 years! :p