Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Palolem: New Year

Neptune Point

little did i know, writing about palolem would land there this year, but yes this new year's eve was relectantly at palolem.
you should get there to experience it, one big packed beach party under the stars.
bonfires, fireworks, beach sand, wicker chairs, food abuntant, music everywhere, high spirits

made it to the neptune point as well. scenic location. but no headphones for the new year party, it was full on blasting speakers. typical goan club scene, people pouring would be an understatement.

didnt take much pictures, just this one from a friend's phone.

as cliche as it might sound, definetly goa is the place to be on new year's eve.
wishing and hoping a eventful year filled with good times

pic: at neptune point, palolem

logisitics: accommodation is very expensive on the beachfront, ranges from 2500-7000 for a shack on new year's eve. very basic. you need to walk from one shack to another asking for one. the parties go on untill sunrise.


pRiyA said...

Hi Anup, I've just had the most wonderful trawl through your blog. Very very interesting seeing India through your eyes. Loved the pictures of Calcutta. Will be back!

Vasco Da GirDhar said...

Hi I had also been to Palolem beach that for welcoming 2012 New Year.
Nice to read your travel tales of New Year.