Thursday, August 17, 2006

Belur Halebid

The feet of gometeshwara
Belur Halebid
Suituated just 200 kms from Bangalore, These two places are architechural marvels.

The very famous Gometeshwara at Shravanabelagola. Since the statue was under maintenance, could not get a proper picture of the entire statue. So the feet.

Darshan at belur

The Goddess adorning the either sides of the main shrine. The lightings were faint and the interiors were cold.

The Poojari

Little did i know the poojari was staring at me, Only realised after i saw the pic on my computer ( was trying to focus on the women worshiping). Also can see deities of God in three levels.

The Animal

This mythological animal whose name i dont remember, if you notice has parts of 7 animals.

the stomach of a pig
the legs of a tiger
the eyes of a monkey
the ears of a cow
the mouth of a crocodile
the tail of a peacock.
and the seventh one, dont remember.

This animal was found almost everywhere on the temple.

The red flower

The jain deity which was a Budda lookalike.

The goddess on the door

Darshan which opens in the evening. Lucky me was there in time to get some good pictures of the crowd and the freshly decorated shrine

The Intricacy

The intricately carved statues in haledid, this temple is bigger and more grand than Belur, Though it is incomplete owing to an invasion by the Delhi sultan during their times.

The Statue

Yet another idol of jain importance.
Didn expect people would let you take pictures at this proximity

The Temple

The temple at Halebid.


sush said...

waiting for d mango tree pics!!! them also! the 2nd and the 8th pics are beautiful!...

backpack_everyday said...

Mnn i can see Belur and Halebedu as memory recollections after seeing the shots .

4afteruse said...

tank q.
hey both of u, hampi's coming

sush said...

hmm...very interesting info about the mytho. animal...hampi is a world heritage site rite? even i ws surprised to see that they allowed cameras right inside the temples!

4afteruse said...

ooi babe!! these pics are not at hampi, tey ar frm belur.. u are allowed cameras anywhere in hampi and it is a heritage center, but u dont have al de idols, the darshans are empty, so no probs.. but no liquor and non veg in the region!!