Monday, July 10, 2006


Devbagh beach resort

Devbagh beach resort is the destination, perched in karwar it is just 8 kms off the goa border.

Kodibagh jetty

arrival at kodibagh. though a very cloudy morning, (stil praying it wont rain so i can see a sunset!!). we start from this boat jetty to the resort.

the pier and arrival

here we land onto the pier, the ramp that will take us into the devbagh island. thats the ferry we took from mainland.

the view

The view from the island, far across is the bridge we sail through.

the jungle

Thanks to the rains the previous nights, the walk through the forests to the huts are a treat to the sore eyes.

kurumgad from devbagh

seen here is kurumgad island, which is yet another island resort (it doesn have a beach though) as seen from devbagh beach


the log huts and cottages in the middle of the jungle on the beachfront is where you stay.

the coast

the beach here is one of the finest, a real long coastline all to yourself, the occassional fishermen from the neighbouring fishing village are spotted at times.

the cafe

the restaurant at the island where food is served through ur entire stay.

the crab print

little did the crab know that the sand flushed by it would create such a pattern.( i see a maple leaf in it)

the sunset

though it didn rain the first day, owing to a cloudy sky missed the sunset, yet saw the evening rays pouring from the sky in two discrete places(my best moment). it rained after that!

it rained

it rained the next day! words cant sum de state.

the drive back

We return to the mainland.

Tagore Beach

head to the local beach for another sunset, but in vain.

rain drenched karwar

the bylanes of karwar rain drenched. it gives one a feeling of being in kerala.

the drive

the green pastures on the drive to karwar

drive frm blore: book at vrl or ksrtc, vrl is cheaper to karwar. an auto to de jetty and then tey take care.

cost: 1750 during peak season(season - sep to feb) els 1500, its nice in the rains too. all other details u can find in the junglelodges website


Sushumna said...

hey anup...amazing pics da..esp. the crab's print and the pic of the forests(pic no.5 i tink)...
..its zimbly bootiful!:)...I also like the way you made the pic of the crab's print as your title background:)

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Amanda said...

great photos

4afteruse said...

sush, vats, amanda!!

than quee.

Vishal Sen Gupta said...

it'a always great to see some pics when one is planning to go to some place. at least one knows what to expect. probably many ppl must be tempted to go to devbagh by ur pics.