Monday, August 21, 2006

Hampi - Green Brown and the changing colors of the skies

stone wall

An awesome mix of the ruins, the greenery and the blue skies are more than enough for some good snaps, declared the World heritage center, it attracts quite a lotta crowd from across the globe.

(above) The stone wall through the corridor of the krishna temple

elephant stables

The elephant stables


The light house surrounding the Queens palace!

the ruin

The antique walls against the skies, an exciting combination

vittallla tree

the Vittala Temple courtyard which houses a chariot made of stone, the temple whose pillars strike musical chords, the broken gopuram entrance and a lone tree which is a delight in any snap. This place speaks history to you. ideally located along the tunga river this is the masterpiece of it all.

the ruins on the bank

The ruins along the tunga banks. the whole area is covered with standing or displaced structures.

mandapam vittala

The Mandapam on the courtyard of the Vittalla temple. It was cloudy all through our stay. The occasional drizzles in this part of north karnataka, was a great relief.


Pushkarni, This place is surrounded by the corridors seen in the picture on all sides which used to be the market place for the citizens of the Vijayanagar empire.

9 hours journey by bus from bangalore will land you in hampi(only one bus by ksrtc. numerous buses to hospet though, from there its jus half an hour's journey). numerous guest houses and cheap shacks dot the bazaar. We stayed at Vickys (300 for a double bed). During peak season( october - jan ) people stay across the river running thru hampi where all the action happens, but you will be shuttling to and forth by a croacle since most of the ruins are on the bazaar side, though the stay there will be relaxing. A very small town , where you end up meeting the same people time again and gradually exchange smiles and conversations. Lotta ruins to be explored. can be done by hiring cycles(20 per day) or bikes( 150- 200/day w/o petrol). yet another must thing to do here is to experience some of the most stuning sunsets and sunrises of the region. Its been recently removed from the ''Endangered'' list. That would be some basic info, rest -- go explore urself.

More pics in the posts to come .

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