Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hampi - Mango Tree Restaurant

The mango tree

hurray Mango tree, the must visit place in hampi. Awesome is the word,
The most laid back place, we had most of our meals over here. Getting there is an adventure in itself since it is located at a walkable distance from the main bazzar through a banana plantation on the banks of tunga under a mango tree.

(above) the laid back ambience, mostly phirangs hang around. No wonder no idlies and dosas on the menu, but you will find anything from israeli to tibetian to continental. You can just doze away after a hearty noon lunch, the seating is perfect. We almost wasted a day here despite of having so many places to visit.

the swing

the swing hanging from the mango tree sways you right into the river. no wonder you'll head to this first on arrival. cute looking french girls having their turn!

The lantern light supper

Tempting enough!! the lantern light supper along the gushing river in pitch dark. the most romantic place to be, no wonder we saw more couples at this time of the day.


sush said...

hmm...atlast! well, wennnn are we going?????:-) 1st pic wid smitha on d swing rite?:)

4afteruse said...

yup it is smitha!! most of them mistake her to be a phirang, u shud luk at their faces once she starts speakin kannada, wanna go again too!! wil fiqure it out sooon.

sujoy said...

Nice snaps buddy


Partho said...

Mango Tree – Indians not wanted

I checked a lot about Hampi in internet. Comprehensive guidelines are available about “places of visit” to “place to eat” etc.

One would hardly miss mention of Mango Tree as a place to eat in Hampi. We two families 9 guys visited Hampi and lunched at Mango Tree Twice. I got a huge feeling of discrimination in Mango Tree, in various aspects.

First Day – We are not given the front tables, as those gives a good view of TB River, particularly when those were vacant. “Groups are coming” was the reply. We found those places still vacant when we finished off. We settle down in a table at the corner of the restaurant. The waiters struggled to reach there or they do not want to reach as it was at the corner or Indians sitting over there is any body’s guess.
“Pathetic service” is an understatement here. We got the Paneer Chappaty and wanted to have rice also, rice never came. When asked for, they said we haven’t ordered. Behaviour and body langauge of the waiters is more like owners/partners than to serve. They resemble more Autowallas in Bangalore than waiters. I do not know if that happens to everybody or not, but they never seemed in an intension to serve anybody. Given the exposure they have got, coupled with no good options in Hampi and one-time-nature of clientele, they do not bother. These all could have been pardoned if the food would have been good. All dishes smell and tastes same. Except the location and view, we found nothing good about it. They are keener to get foreigners than Indians. Where as I have seen bigger Indian groups like us in the restaurant. I have seen all front seats occupied by Foreigners and all corner sites by Indians, surprisingly.

Second Day – We decided that we will take the Front Tables or else will move out. “Groups are coming” was again the standard reply. In these days of Mobile telephony why it should be difficult for them to know what time a group will arrive is not understandable. Its for sure there are “Guides” who will bring in the groups, obviously should be having Mobile phone. When we waited for more than 20 minutes, they relented and offered us a front sit. (now, even if you go there, please demand for the front seats and do not check in some corner seats for reasons of “group coming”). This time the food come quickly or does it come in a hurry? They keep coming to us, for further order. Messed up an order and finally we get delayed. Other family could not get the food as ordered where as our family, finished it. We have no option but to wait. We spent 15 more minutes in between our food was over and their order come out. The waiters keep coming to us and asked for further order, where one family is yet to get their order. Surprise Surprise, the bill arrived with complete order even before the second family get their food on the table.

Cost of dishes is the highest in Hampi standards. Repetition of these incidences ruined our experience of Mango Tree completely. The Swing is there but only suspended. According to them, Indians quarrel to get into that. Foreigners keep their babies and go out, for Mango tree to baby-sit their babies and a huge nonsence. Given that out of our busy schedule we have to walk around 1 km to reach Mango Tree is not worth it. I would never recommend anybody to this restaurant for very reasons of poor service, bad food and above all, for their discriminations.