Tuesday, September 27, 2005

my train journeeesss

a train journey!!! always look forward to one, especially when i'm travelling alone, but with a reserved ticket! so the ordeals before you can start off the much expected journey would be just to book the tickets if youu are doin it at the counters, but u can also book them online, but i would prefer going to the reservation counters and whil away some time( thats when i have no work to do, mostly during my college days and these journies are durin my college days) , then when de d day arrives, i always arrive on time at the station, i get this unfound energy in me which i would actually want on most of my lazy days with lotta things to do, but would not surface then, but this day when i need to catch my train after all. i will arrive at my alloted seat and just as i take my seat, bingo!! the train moves, this is how it has always been. feels lik the train has been wwaiting for me all the whil to embark the start of its journey.any delay in me catchin a bus or wastin time to realise to catch an auto in the rain will make me miss my train. but it has never happened tat way til date.
also before hand i would have borrowed myself a book to read and some junk food with watever little money i have to spare after all that i would have wasted to get to the station on time... and thus time would while away starting at the numerous new faces from different corners of india, i usually dont pick up a conversation with my fellow passengers unless they initiate one and if at al it happened it usually is at the end of the journey. so i read the newly found book which would have taken ages to read or even pick it if i was on stable land and as i realise that i'm nearin my destination, would finally rise from my seat, have a face wash and go stand at the door and start singin loud against the strong wind blowing against the compartments, also this is when the engine driver realises that the train is runnin late and thus the train would be movin at greater speeds than the usual pace. thus would arrive at the station to get a prepaid auto and pay the fare only after reaching home from my mom. those were indeed the best days of my life

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