Sunday, July 31, 2005

gud will hunting

i know this review would ve been of some help eight years ago. but, i would have not been mature enough to understand the simple storyline and content of the "good will hunting", because that was a time when action flicks and special effect extravaganzas would have been more a fascination to any normal kid. but wat so different bout the movie today?? its a plain nothing, except that two hunks from the california boulevard penned the screenplay and also won the coveted very american academy.
so its yet another lazy noon time movie wit conversations that would keep you glued. preety secent job indeed, haven seen matt damon delieverin such a riveting performance till date.
(above) one of my favorite scenes from the movie which damon would have essayed it quite naturally
as always mister williams was calm and composed fittin his role to de max. affleck had nothin to do in the movie expect for his last lines in the movie i suppose!! and driver moved nowhere but to end up as his female interest whom he abides in the finale realizin her to be his soul mate..
so i caught up wit the movie on a lazy sunday noon too, thanks to zee studio!! for churnin de wonderful low budget works of hollywood's yesteryears. indeed miramax's third major blockbuster only after pulp fiction and the english patient

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