Sunday, July 31, 2005

why blog??

ok, why is tat i'm blogging?.. initially, i think a couple of years ago when this blogging thing was in full form, as any other inqusitive netizen, me registered in a couple of sites and also blogged about something which i dont even remember wat today, neither do i remember my user id's or passwords, so why now?? its because now,i'm at my leisuerly pace without no work to do, but to start writing publicly wat i'm upto. not that i was occupied with somethin al the while, but there were people all around me with whom i cud talk share and observe, wat better way to keep u engaged but studyin and enjoyin the company of the amazingly unique creations namely the mankind..precisely i was in hostel during my first two years of graduation. which wud make a topic for yet another blog. so tat's de reason behind me startin to blog.. hope i stick around wit it.


Crystal said...

Stick around with it buddy! ;-) A lot of people start blogs then abandone it a few months later, but longevity is important if you wish to establish a loyal reader base. I'll be sure to check up on your blog every now & then. Later~~

4afteruse said...

thanx for checkin it out! hope ui stick on so tat u visit often and leave in ur views
lotta hope there!