Tuesday, September 27, 2005


one hellava place!!
was at varkala as part of my 2 week trip in kerala! actually arrived here from yet another beach destination "kovalam". was already awe inspired by the charm of kovalam to be completely shadowed by the cliffs of varkala.
arrived really late in the evening on the eve of onam( the single most celebrated festival of malayalees) actually arrived at the beach part of varkala but had to walk towards the cliff to find some accomadation, so by the time we were walkin by the edge of the cliff the sun had set and we were only spared the noises of the waves hitting the rocks beneath us, but wat we could see was a strech of black mixed blue palette covered by a layer of moon's faint white. we were already liking the place a lot, so checked into a hotel which was indeed damn cheap for the luxury it offered, rs 400 for 3 nights in a newly built lodge wit spic clean bathroom( cant help mentionin it), with the only regret of havin missed the sunset, we ended up in wat i suppose is the obvious destination in varkala for some cheap and quality food, at funky art cafe. next day i had to leave to trivandrum owin to pre commitements, wat i realised then was it indeed was hot and dry to walk in the path along the entire lenght of the cliff, aatleast for us indians. but i was bac to miss the sunset again on onam day. but i caught up with it all the next day when i took a walk down the cliff all the way down north, it was damn beautiful. would suggest all to walk down until the mosque for also u will discover two beaches enroute.. then walked back to the cliff just in time to catch de glimpse of the orangy sunset tat lasted for quite a minute but leavin behind various shades of red and orange at which i gazed until black would mix in them all

during my entire stay here the only thing that disturbed me was the constant exploitation of the cliff space by various commercial establishments and fancy lodging spaces that are very fastly sprouting up which woud gradually turn it into a concrete jungle.


jessica said...

ah, we were in kerala at the same time (during onam). what an amazing place!

Mridula said...
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Mridula said...

Loved your description of Kerela, but I have not yet explored the state myself. It is on the to do list. Regarding Ladakh, the little something that I have written can be found at:


and this on my blog

This at another site

And this is an excellent guide on Ladakh but

not written by me!

thats_ber said...

Hey Anup,

lovely description of your journey. So i cannot ask you more about it, or? :-)

I was for one week in kerala (cochin, aleppy and kovalam). Nobody should miss this state ....

4afteruse said...

yeah indeed thats_ber!
nice that u checked out my blog. do visit varkala the next time!!!