Thursday, September 29, 2005


previously before i started off the trip to kerala, my friend and i decided on making it to any one of the boat races tat were happening durin the onam season and luckily we could fit in the boat race at aranmula in our itenary,

but once in kerala learned that there were many other boat races happenin too, but this one was massive and was to be inagurated by the vice president of india.

how did we get there??. we took a train from our base kollam to chengannur, since it was onam season the unreserved boogies were jam packed, but managed to land there and take a bus to the aranmula boat race site, we could see police personel posted all along the road until the race site, we arrived at the site, hours before the inaguration of the race, would suggest all to get soon to the sites because u can get a first hand experience of how they gear up for the race, and get closer view of the boats. we were to witness the snake boat race which carried 100's of oaresmen and a group of ssingers who sang along to provide a sync for their paddlin. once the race was declared started, we could see the flock of boats sailin thru the backwaters in rows of 4, there were totally 34 boats takin part in the race, it was a packed show with people throngin both shores with the constant jarrin of the loudspeaker announcements in malayalam. u could spot everyone and anyone, from saree clad ladies to a dhoti clad foreigner. business was doin full swing, quenchin our thirsts with 2 rupee lemonades and even white towels were sold to shelter ourselves from the sun, we carried a umbrella though. so the race started after a half an hour gap, but it was not as we had expected coz it was in turns of four at a time, also the winner was decided on an overall performance which included the boat decorations, songs they sung, de team spirit and various other factors. we weren there until the end of the race, coz we had to leave in time to our next destination 'kumarakoam'

the boat race site is walkabl distance from the aranmula bus stop and also aranmula is famous for its mirrors which is a traditional metal craft of this place which would cost you anywhere between 300 to 3000. so u can get urself one in case. also there are various other boat races happening all over kerala durin the entire year. so do check out the kerala tourism website which holds a detailed calender of all the races, so that u can accomadate a race in ur itenary.

pictures taken before the race started coz tats when u get a closer view
1,3,4. various views of the snake boats
2. visitin the temple before boardin the boats


muthu said...

hi, just added you blogto the bangalore bloggers list. it would be nice if you can add a link to the list in your blog.

lily b said...

Hi undersky! Thanks for visiting my blog. The boat races look amazing!