Saturday, September 01, 2007

Street Scapes - Calcutta

Every corner of the city is thriving with life.

this pic reminds me of the cover of the Kite Runner. puris against the green background.

Taken in bandel.


a contrasting mix of red against blue with the chair as the prop.
This was just below the howrah bridge.

colors splashed across the entire city.
You find a lot of barbers right on the street grooming the indian men all day!
they even clean your ears!


red rules here,

The filthy ghats along the hoogly, this one was just behind the flower market below the howrah.


The busy flower market below the howrah.
yellow and saffron, the essentials at the hindu altar. sagic

its a ariel shot Taken from the howrah bridge


old world charm, wish it rains while you are seated inside watching time pass by.

the ambi against the yellow walls of St.Pauls Cathedral.


blissful, to sleep there where he is not bothered about whats happening around.

taken on the streets of bandel.


down under howrah, i should have had an entire blog for the pics under howrah.
So much activity and life you see here.


yet another picture under the howrah in the flower market, with filth and dirt accumlated everywhere




Anonymous said...

hey...very very interesting pics...since when have u been into colors?!...dude...wat r u doing in IT????!!!...hmm..take up a literary-art'l do u some good!

4afteruse said...

i wud want to!
lets see wats in store.
thanx fr regularly dropping by.
u can give some suggestions too.
rather than raving bout the pics.
i wud lov both of them.

4afteruse said...

and also kolkatta is very photogenic!
u get some relly good ones