Sunday, October 21, 2007

Goa Again - Agonda

Its almost going to be a year now. So before the new year arrives, thought would pen down the past new year's destination. Reluctantly i disclose the location its a beach in Goa namely Agonda. Not a great looking one unlike its counterparts, but its more for the laid back crowd minus the crowd . suituated to the north of Palolem, this beach was absolute bliss


A Morning in Agonda, the colors are so soft and real you feel that your walking in a painting.


Huts lined across the beach front. For a bargain of anywhere between 150 - 200, you a hut right on the beach. You literally jump into the sand from your bed.


The views from the Hut, You just lie there in your mattress and endlessly stare at the waves and the clouds that gather and your excussed to take short naps in between. What better way to kill time


A wedding on the beach would be the most ideal one. Lucky we, witnessed my first wedding on the beach complete with a singing band, a sumptuous buffet spread and friends surrounded. uninvited guests that we were, Stayed till the entire function was done and helped them clear the stage too.


Sunsets are magical, this last sunset of year 2006 was no less.

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Anonymous said...

hey da..u went here the year before the gokarna trip kya?...things like the unexpected beach-marriage invitation make trips magical:)