Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Welcome to the land of yellow taxis, rosogullas, tagore, theatre, howrah and victoria.
The city of Joy. Lotta random thoughts when I think of this place, vibrant and populated, complete contrast to any Indian city though it is very much indian. it holds in place lot of pre Independence history, being the british capital of India.You would have not been prepared for it, but you would want to learn more and discover as you walk through.

Below are pictures i clicked while on my stay here. Looking at them, it is very different from the usual urban indian landscape.


At night, with a grey fog and cold wind, it almost allows one to imagine that it is London - Winston Churchill

True to that statement, certain pockets of Calcutta are abundant with british architectural buildings and establisments. Strolling across the streets of Dalhousie or Park Street one is left with a strong feeling of wandering in british ruled India.

(Above)Sun sets over the Victoria memorial.

The famous Park Street, Retail Space admist the colonial architecture buildings is very unique, Lotta favorite eatries and educational institutes dot here. Try the katti rolls adjacent The Park Hotel or experience the british pub feel at someplace else or treat yourself a pastry at flurrys, a yum meal at Peter Cat and some book browsing at the Oxford book store, not to forget tea at the corner Tea place.

After the indulgence at Park Street, take a leisurely walk to the Indian museum
(Above) the victoria statue at the museum

Dalhousie is filled with buildings of british architecture and importance, which now houses banks and other establisments.
Above is the paul's cathedral on dalhousie square.

St Pauls Cathedral in the dalhousie square is yet another significant colonial structure. Do visit for some more history

Around St paul's cathedral

Flurry on Park Street, is yet another expensive affair. the pastries are some of the best that i have tasted.

The famed vidyasagar sethu.
Mystic and huge.

The famous yellow taxi speeding across


The park street cemetry at the north end of park street, Spend an afternoon reading the tombstone of british soldiers and scholars and their families. very nostalgic.
the place should look its best after a rain shower.

Watch the light and sound show in the evenings at the Victoria memorial.
Especially worth it to see the structure lit up in the dark with no much crowd around

The most famous landmark of kolkatta, the howrah. see it lit with colours that change. splendid.


sushi said...

hey there....d pics have come out very well this time..u sure r improving da...my favs:- changing lanes, yellow at d speed of taxi nd memory remains...in tat order:)

Mia said...

Hey there, I LOVE your photography!
I just thought I'd let you know I used the first poicture on this page, the Indian landscape with the purple sunset, in my picture here: