Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Everybody loves Goa - Grandeur of the Altars


The altars and consoles in each one of the church are a delight.
Above is the statue of the lady of dolores (pain) at Se cathedral. It had a mysterious element to the whole setup


This is the wing entrance of Se Cathedral, A solitary candle glowing in the foreground of two majestic altars.


An angled shot filled with grandeur of one of the altar at St. Catherine Chapel, the walls are adored with intricately made and painted ceramic tiles and colourful canvas decipting the cross with abuntant gold thrown in.


A collage of the Picture of Jesus christ and The lady of dolores adorned in the Se Cathedral.


Taken in the Bom Jesus Basilica this blue tile was embedded in one of the pillars of the Basilica. The contrasting colors of Blue, metal and beige was an instant pull


The altar at the famous Bom Jesus Basilica, The teak chair on the red carpet


The most grandest of the altars, this three level altar is at the Bom Jesus basilica,
A very similar photograph was recently featured in the Incredible India ad campaign.


Above is the main altar of the Se Cathedral.


Charan said...

so... i googled Montfort Yercaud... and ended up on ur blog...
i went to montfort...
and i miss everything about it...
gotta go back and pay respect to my alma mater...

anyway... nice blog... keep writin... im a writer too... actually more of a design writer...

4afteruse said...

hey charan, thanx fr droppin by!
hey checked out ur bigperk.com
the collage of pics on de first page luked impressive. waitin to dive in! lemme know when.

backpakker said...

This is a Goa that not too many people photograph...The churches and the cathedrals are beautiful..what colours

4afteruse said...

it indeed was. the exteriors are equally photogenic, hope to return in the monsoons!