Saturday, November 11, 2006

Everybody loves Goa - Chapels, Churches, Cathedrals

the corridor window redone

Old Goa - declared the world heriage site, it has numerous chapels ,churches and cathedrals. Every one of it is unique and leaves you spell bound. You can spend an entire day marvelling the architecture and the history it holds. Would be ideal to visit it in the monsoons.

(above)the archways along the corridors on either side of the Se Cathedral.


(above) Holy Spirit Church, Panaji. Located in the heart of the city this is the local's church where i found a schedule for a Portugese service too. Traffic flows right in front of it and you have benches placed on the divider overlooking the church where you can spend some time looking at it. It looks better when its lit in the nights.


(above) The complex which houses the Se cathedral and St.Catherine chapel under the archeological survey of India.


front of the Catherine chapel, a startling contrast of cannon barrels and the cross.


the steeple of the most famous church


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