Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mast Malabar - Forts

Had been on a trip along the malabar coast
itnenary being

udupi -> calicut -> cannanore -> kasargod

will be posting the pics as a series of forts, beaches and sunsets.
This one includes the forts


The red arched gateway to the fort
Thalassery fort, Thalassery

in the end

St.Angelo fort at the cannanore cantonment area is located by the sea. thats a construction worker at the end of the tunnel. The place was under restoration when i had been there.


this part of the fort is the Bekal fort in Kasargod. A majestic structure set along the coast.


The path that leads you to the top of the fort
St.Angelo fort, Cannanore.


caught a dragon flying over the bekal fort


The long cellars found in St.Angelo fort are captivating


The path that runs along the fort from where you get to see the entire stretch of the fort.


Yet another view of the cellars at St.Angelo fort


the cellars again


the path that leads you to the sea at St.Angelo fort


The keyhole that runs into the beach at Bekal fort, kasargod

St.Angelo fort is located in the cantonment area of Cannanore, its well inside the town. Bekal fort is bigger compared to St.Angelo, its located at about 10 kms from kasargod. Thalasery fort is very small compared suituated in the town, just drop by if your goin on the calicut- kannur highway. All are maintained by the archeological survey of india and are open from 8am to 6pm. but its pleasant to visit early mornings and during sunsets. Bekal fort can be explored through a narrow path right of the fort, incase you arrive early or late.


backpack_everyday said...

Its great..Bekal was dry wen we wnet but now its all green and beautiful.

backpakker said...

Amazing compositions ...I'm kicking myself for not visiting the forts during my last trip To kerala ...

Baraka said...

wow! splendid colors. nice balanced composition. keep clicking.

SAN said...

Nice pics..... so wen u taking me der????? MAKHICHUUUUSSSSSS!