Monday, October 09, 2006

Mast Malabar - Beaches

Malabar is synonymous with beaches and it had quite different landscapes to offer. Had been to beaches -> Malpe, Kappad, Bekal, Payambalam, Muzhapilangad


The sea shore next to bekal fort, Kasargod, Was there early morning and the sea was wild .its not a beach though.


Malpe beach in udupi. The land beyond is St.Mary's ISland, Arrive early for a ferry trip to this island. A public beach where you find the localites gather.


This is one place we discovered as we were driving through the calicut- kannur highway. A left turn near a sign saying 'Art of Living ashram', you end up here where we found the ashram on the beach front and a small temple with a pond adjacent to it. Was serene and beautiful


this is one landscape above the bekal fort. Owing to monsoons, the grass was dense and green than how it used to be


Anyone's dream, to drive along the beach is answered at this beach near kannur, about 15 kms before the town is the Muzhapilangad beach where you see vehicles speeding along the sealine


this was the small temple we discovered


early morning rush at the bekal fort

cricketby the

Little boys enjoying a game of cricket early morning on a holiday

Malpe is near udupi 6 kms from the town
Bekal beach is like 10 kms from Kasargod
Payambalam is inside Kannur
Muzhapilangad is 15 kms from kannur towards Calicut and
Kappad is 10 kms from calicut towards kannur.


backpack_everyday said...

cool.awesome beaches with green all around.its serene.....

Anonymous said...

Wow very nice beaches
and good photographs also