Monday, March 20, 2006

Southern sorojun

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Velankani is suituated along the coast of bay of bengal and is like 2 hours drive from tanjore, It houses the very famous st.Mary's bascilca which is a most sought christian pilgrim center. The beach has become more clean and green post tusnami.The tanjore big temple in tanjore is one architectural marvel of india. located well within the town once u get there you have no much activities to do but to marvel at the splendour, where the local crowd hang around especially during weekends mixed with foreigners greeting the local lassies and admiring at their mehendi clad hands. It looked more like a family gathering happening.

A single coconut tree braving the winds of the sea

A view of the church's steeple

The beautiful coastline

the view of the entire church

two girls and a couple enjoy their company in the noon sun

The gopuram of the big temple

the evening sun's rays bestow the gopuram

One of the corridors running all around the temple

An elephant to add to the fanfare

the sunset over the tanjore railway station

The beach again. indeed looks clean and green

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