Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kurumgad Island

Kurumgad island, is an island in karwar, u need to book before with the great outdoors to land here
,once u arrive in karwar you will be taken to this island by a ferry from the great outdoor office which is located
near the karwar port, Once the ferry reaches the island you hike your way to the top where
u'll find your tents or cottages pitched alongside wit their restaurant overlooking the sea,

numerous hammocks cling from the trees, which is where you'll first head to. food(buffet) is served
all through your stay which is part of the package includes both vegetarian and a couple of non-veg dishes(fish, prawn, shells, chicken)
at the restaurant overlookin the sea where you can also sip in your coffee seeing the sun dip into the horizon.

there are lotta scenic spots on the island from where you can view the sea, the views indeed are stunning.

also u can do some water sports,play volleyball or go swimming.
The best part is that the island is all yours and you get entire privacy, but sadly it doesn have a proper beach

as against the devbagh beach resort(government owned) thats just a sail away from kurumgad. but overall it is worth a visit to spend some quality time with your dear ones admist nature

1. signs on the beach*
2. view from near the tent
3. sunset from the restaurant*
4. the sea from the island
5. several benches are found arnd the island
6. yet another bench
7. the hammock and the restaurant with the view

* taken by vijay


Lorraine said...

Stunning photographs Vijay, I'll be back :)

4afteruse said...

'm not as regular as u! but anyways do drop by

SLN said...


Fabulous photos there. The bigger image of some of them are not working

BTW, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog


Anonymous said...

i saw ur travelogue(blog) is nice n good..
i wanna know abt ur last travel Kurumgad Island..
how much 'll it cost and how many days is needed to enjoy the beauty..


anu said...


i was jus lookin at urs and vats's blog...shit the hell did u guys find out even abt the existence of such places???