Saturday, November 07, 2009


Fort Kochi is a haven of fine restaurants, unique in style and abundant in variety. It is definitely any food connoisseur's destination. This is my first such culinary trip where we went about from one restaurant to another on our hired cycles. depending on the prices, you choose to have either the starter, main course or the dessert. not necessarily in that order.

The beautiful Malabar Junction restaurant in the Malabar house hotel
our main course destination, we had three curries with rice. a lamb, a fish curry and pork vindaloo. thick and absolutely delicious. This one is a must visit

for its laid back ambiance and the food of course.

kashi art cafe also is a must visit for its arty space and some home made pastries.

Brunton Boatyard is the alpha of it all. expensive dishes do come with their signature offerings yet we stuck with the desserts. Do try it for some authentic kerala recipes which it claims to offer.

Tea pot is another must visit for its quirky setting and theme with different tea varieties, very European.

As the name board reads, this place is really old, we were served home made food in the same room where the family dines. Had some delicious roast chicken,

check this out for lunch.

the cheapest destination, masala dosas in udipi style. very India coffee housish

kerala style food after a boat ride.
one handy reckoner was this article in outlook traveler on cochin's culinary delights.

All the restaurants are on fort kochi within a kilometer's radius, You can hire cycles to move around. On the mainland near the boat jetty you will find lot of agents offering countryside boat trips and kerala style meal on the boat package. One should haggle to get a good deal. They usually transport you to the starting point of the boat ride in a 4 wheeler. The package includes a ride through narrow water lanes in a canoe as well as the motor boat ride in the lake.
Trip date: May 2007


Rejina Prashanth said...

your post.. taste of Fort Kochi, I am from cochin, but still i never went to these places. I have been in Brunton Boatyard , and i likes that although little bit expensive. But after reading your post i think i have to go other places that you mentioned .. any way i wont miss that Addy's Restaurant.Thanks a lot for sharing

Arun said...

Yes, hotel history at Brunton Boatyard is expensive. But the food is really worth delicious.

Shabz said...

yo mama.... fort kochi... my kochi... my gods own country....