Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year @ Puducherry

Restoring to posting pics again starting this year.
i know i have missed last year's new year destination and a whole lot of other places. but i'll pick them and post randomly.

so this new year's was at Pondicherry!
i made a trip to this place six months back during peak summer may.

but then, this is how new years is at Pondy.

there are lot of beach resorts on the outskirts of the town having their own packages ranging from 2000 to 3000 for a couple, everything seemed like attending a wedding reception, wanted a more private place for a nice dinner, so headed to the french colony enquiring at all the heritage hotels, killer expensive it turned out to be ranging from 4k to 6k with some places already sold out.

so strictly adivse one to have a definite plan for the night.
otherwise you see the local youth recklessly driving along the lanes yelling the arrival of the new year. rather spend the nite with your folks sipping over your drink reminiscing over the past year, which we did finally.


Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures? :)

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