Friday, November 04, 2005

a day at yercaud

was in yercaud sometime in july, so this is how it was then,
anyone stayin near salem, coimbatore and have ample time should for sure make a trip to dis place for a really quiet weekend, thought i was here jus for a day to dusk trip, it doesn boast of many places to visit, but stil it has its own share to offer, the shervoys hills which has a temple, though u can walk around the flat ground here, u can find many a picturisque locales here, it was totally devoid of people.

down the hill u can find its botanical garden, if u thought it was just yet another one, no ! it relly was small and the landscape was totally green. and there were no tourists here too,tats wat made it even more nicer.

for lumch we had to stop at a hotel namely shervoys in the town, totally well maintained and its yet another place of interest in itself. then checked out the various viewpoints before landing at the pride of yercaud! the montfort school.

how i wish i studied there, clean calm cool. an architectural beauty, most of the buildings were of stone and it showed the maturity of the school, the chapel was outstanding, and so were the principal's bunglow and the numerous tennis courts.

the have their inhouse bakery which served us some delicious pastries,

u could also spot the emus from australia and girls( for they have started admissions for girls at higher secondary level, previously it used to be an all boys school)

heard from the principal tat there are yet more places to be explored in the hills,

but due to lack of time, we left promising to return back to see the rest of the montfortarian territory though i was already satisfied wit the day spent

pictures taken:
1,2: near the sherovays temple
3 the botanical garden
4,6: chapel at montfort
5 the principal's bunglow
7 the emus
8,10: viewpoints at sunset
9 corridors at montfort


George said...

Got some nice pictures there. I studied in Montfort for 10 years (3rd to 12th - the whole stretch). I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. I have some pictures from the good ole days in my gallery. Check it out if you want.

4afteruse said...

envy u! relly a school to be in. yup checked ur gallery. u boys seem to hav had major fun, de farewel snap wit de chapel in de backdrop was apart!

indiacorporatewatch said...


Thanks for dropping onto my blog

No I am not in the advertising profession but I did study Marketing in College

You have some nice pictures of Yercaud here
Kinda has a mysterious touch to it
cause you don't show your face

Good Work


rathi said...

whats that ' o yeah?!!?' ...anywayz..seems like u r travel bee!good one

rathi said...

yep just a day..

Lorraine said...

There's something majestic about entreances and corridors, you've captured it well :)